Friday, January 26, 2007

Better day

I seem to have emerged, at least a little, from the crappy funk that I have been in. I actually got some sleep last night, so that may have helped, at least on a mental note. Still feel fair to lousy on the physical side, but after going through almost half a sleeve of crackers this morning, the nasty nausea has dissipated. For a while.

Otherwise, things are going OK. Son was actually chipper yesterday when we went to pick him up. I left work early because it had been a horrible day, with me spending most of the day on the point of tears, or in the bathroom crying. Don't know what had possession of me, but I hope that it stays away for a while. Anyway, I was also falling asleep at my desk for most of the afternoon, and I decided that this was stupid-why am I doing this? There wasn't anything horribly pressing, so no big deal. I did do myself one favor-I put the email to my boss that I wrote detailing the extreme level of frustration with some things that are going on in the Draft folder, where it may languish for a while. I need to talk to him about this stuff, but I don't know when. I know that it was the wrong day that day, since I probably would have ended up screeching at him or bawling. I pride myself on being a low-maintenance employee, but that can be pushed too far. I just knew that, even through the emotional fog, that this wasn't the right time.

So, I went home, and Husband was home too. We went together to get Son. I think that Husband figured it out that Son's antics were really bothering me. While we didn't get a running, "Da-Da" out of him, he was smiling and talking as we corralled him to get on his coat and get out into the car. He even was perky after we had to wake him up by taking him out of the carseat when we stopped at the mall for a quick errand on our way home. I know that he wasn't doing all of this to hurt me, but there are just those days when it pushes you over the edge emotionally. I needed his smile to let me know that he didn't really hate me, and I got it. Nope, he doesn't have me completely wrapped.

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Angie said...

I'm glad to hear that you're having a better day today and that the nausea has lessened a bit for now. Isn't it amazing how a smile from your little guy can make any day seem brighter? It's magical.

Take care of yourself and that little bean! And thanks again for signing my blog the other day. I do know that you're around and it means a lot to me, my fellow MN friend. :)