Thursday, February 01, 2007

A banner day

Today is shaping up to be a banner day in the Chronicle world. Nothing too earth-shattering mind you, but still a testament that things are actually moving ahead.

1. Today Son started the transition into the toddler room at daycare. He's been popping in over there on a semi-regular basis over the last month or so (to help out with the transition of his good buddy that is a month ahead of him). This morning, one of the infant teachers said that he needed to go to the toddler room, and he was banging on the door and bouncing on the balls of his feet, he was so excited. It's more than time for this to happen. He's the biggest kid in the infant room right now, and it poses a safety issue both for him and the other kids. He's ready to hang out with the bigger kids. The other bonus? Tuition, even for the extended care, goes down $200 a month! Just over the amount that we need to be saving for my maternity leave. Hooray!

2. I finally said screw it and pulled out the full panel maternity jeans today. I'm getting to that point where things are getting a bit snug, and downright uncomfortable by mid afternoon. I've been putting this off, partially as a self-imposed punishment for already gaining three pounds. I mean, that's one third of my grand total for Son! My choice was sealed this morning as I stared at my closet, and absent-mindedly straightened the elastic in my now larger sized underwear. It hit me that gee, this isn't just a lack of any abdominal muscle tone letting things pouch out...It's getting pretty darn solid down there. If I were a regular sized person, I don't think that I would have questioned it so much, but being plus sized, it just seems different. The question always looms...have I gained more weight or is that baby? This morning it didn't matter-I knew that I would be sitting down all day with lots of reading and review ahead of me. Pregnant pants it is! Now, I can just be in denial about the fact that I'm already filling out my full term pregnancy bras (at 7w4d) and will probably be in need of new ones in a couple of weeks....gah!! That's what you get when you only leave two months between weaning and getting pregnant. The girls just keep on growing.

So, things aren't too bad today. I'm actually feeling pretty OK, although I keep getting ravenously hungry around 10:30. As long as I'm smart enough to address it, I'll be OK. If I try to make it until lunch....not so much. Yet another reason the pants were a good idea!

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Kristina said...

I'm glad things are going good :). Good luck on the transition! Lochlan is still a few months away from it- they move over at 19-20 months so probably in May. And, we too, get to experience the lovely drop in daycare fees! Nice! Especially since the centre is more expensive than that dayhome so having a bit of extra money is always a good thing :).

I'm so happy for you!!! TTYL