Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend Fun

Well, the first on our fun list is that after finally getting one measly snowfall on New Year's Eve, it appears that we are in line to get 4-6 very fluffy inches, plus two more tomorrow. Hooray! We've already got enough that Husband is out with the snowblower as we speak. However, I don't know how much good it will do. However, he likes his big toys, so more power.

I have tomorrow off, and I was thinking about taking Son to daycare and getting some things done around here. However, with the snow, I think that we may stay home and goof of outside with the dogs. Our lab loves it, and even Black dog was being all frisky when we let them out tonight. Plus, I don't feel like driving in this tomorrow.

The other, VERY interesting even was that....drumroll please.....We looked at a house on Saturday afternoon. At Husband's suggestion. Husband had a fundraising event for the service club that he is a member of on Saturday afternoon. Since Son was born and he started the new job over a half hour away, he really hasn't done much with them. The new president is a neighbor, and he prevailed upon him to go and help out.

Anyway, one of the members is a general contractor/builder. Last year he built a house for one of his subs, but the deal fell through when the sub couldn't sell his existing house. The housing situation has been pretty lousy for the past year or so. Somehow it came up that Mr. Contractor still was carrying the house, almost nine months later. Since the fundraiser wasn't going so well, Husband wanted to leave early and needed me to come and pick him up (it was in a town about 15 miles from home). He causally mentioned that he thought we should see this house. I tried to sound interested, but not with the hallejula!!! enthusiasm that I was feeling. I packed up Son, and off we went.

It's a five bedroom, four bath, on five acres. Mr. Contractor is willing to knock almost $100k off of what it is currently listed at. I have admit, I liked it. Three bedrooms upstairs, with a master suite, and a separate full bathroom for the other two bedrooms. Solid surface countertops, stainless steel, and a nice great room type of layout. Of course, it didn't hurt that Son was running all over and looked like he was really enjoying himself. While I really liked it, and have, ahem, decorated it in my head already, there are some down sides. Like the fact that it would add 20 minutes on to my commute, that even at the severely reduced cost, it is still $100k over what I think that our budget can comfortably handle.

So, in the end, while this one may not end up as ours, it goes to show that Husband is thinking about it. This is the most open that he has been about this whole issue, and it makes me somewhat hopeful that we will end up doing what I really believe that we need to do. I have a feeling that as time goes by, he will continue to come around. Let's just hope that it's before September!


Erin said...

I'm finally catching up--congratulations on your pregnancy! How nice it is for you to get to be like "normal people" for a change :-) And I'm happy that your husband is looking at houses now--maybe the next one will be the right one for your expanding family!

Angie said...

I hope you and son had a great day snuggled up at home together. I am a bit jealous as I had to drive through the snow on the dreaded roads this morning. Oh well - at least it has cleared up just in time for me to head home!

Also, great news about the house. How exciting that he is now thinking aboutit! Yay!