Thursday, January 18, 2007

I (heart) Club(tm) Crackers!

Hey, don't be surprised by the (tm) part. I am an intellectual property attorney after all. What I know about trademark is minimal, but dangerous!

As you can probably tell, today has been a much better day. This morning, before even trying to become vertical, I prevailed upon Husband to get me some crackers. I could feel the nastiness at the back of my throat, so I was hoping that this might do the trick. Good little crackers! I made it through the rest of the morning with nary a thought of a dry heave. Better to say the least.

I'm still struggling with food in general, and probably will be until I get clear of the first trimester. I had great aspirations for lunch (lettuce salad w/chicken and raspberry vinnagrete), but I was only able to get down about half of it. Our cafeteria really isn't the best, and it just doesn't give a whole lot of options. I just need to get my act together, unearth my lunchbox from the basement, and start packing the lunches that I'm going to have to get used to when my good friend gestational diabetes shows up. It also helps with keeping the weight gain down and my sugars in a good place. I don't plan on starting to test until I fail the one hour test miserably, but being proactive on the diet front can't hurt. Husband has been kind enough to start planning meals with that in mind as well. Last time around, the only time the docs ever got on my case about the weight is when I started losing weight and throwing a lot of keytones. As long as I didn't go nuts, a pound or two gained here or there wasn't a big deal. I end up paying more attention to my weight while I'm pregnant that when I'm not!

I should probably go and try to be productive until I hit that mid-afternoon wall where all I want to do is hide in our file room, turn off the lights, and take a nap. Oh, and I need to find another candycane-things are feeling a little squishy again. I have a feeling that this will probably be the trend-hit and miss. As long as I don't have a lot of repeats of yesterday, things will be OK.

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Reesh said...

Found your blog among the other September due dates on Babes in Blogland and I just wanted to say congrats!!