Thursday, August 17, 2006

Messing with me

This is exactly what this kid is doing with me. Messing around with my mind. You may laugh, but I am utterly serious. All of my theories about teething? Wrong. I ventured a finger in this morning, and he is still pretty darn gummy back there. I'm not sure what Husband thought he was feeling, but it certainly was not tooth. I'm getting played, by an 11 month old. Man, have I lost my touch.

So, after a week of getting up at night, at least once, Son has now slept through all week. What gives? Mind you I'm not complaining, since I was nearing the point of a meltdown due to sheer lack of continuous sleep. However, once I start to get used to it, he'll change gears on me again.

Last night was the capper. He went down (with more than his normal degree of true grumping, not sure where that came from) last night around 8:15. I woke him up this morning 12 hours later. Not a peep. Even though I have absolutely no reason to worry, I went in around 7:00 to make sure that he was OK. He was fine. It was raining, he was wrapped up in his chenille blanket, and snuggled up in the far corner of his crib. Baby nirvana.

On the up side, Husband got me up early (grrr), so I managed to shower, get ready, dressed, and clean up the kitchen. The dishwasher is running right now. Oh, and the garbage went out to greet the nice Waste Management truck.

I'll enjoy the productivity now, but I know that he's just messing with me.

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