Friday, August 04, 2006

Hooray for Son!

My angel slept from 8:19 last night until 7:45 this morning...NON-STOP!!!!! Hooray! Now, of course it would have been better if Husband had managed to sneak out of bed at 5 AM without crawling over me (he can get out of bed on his side, but every morning he insists on, well, stuff). Anyway, I managed to get myself back to sleep, and I made it until 6:30 when Husband called to make sure that I was up. How blissful is this? I had to wait almost 11 months for this, but oh, how lovely! Then, to make it even better, he was such a happy, smiley little kid. I opened his door to let him wake up on his own (I do have to go to work after all), and it took him a couple of minutes. When I went in to get him, we played peek-a-boo through the rails. I would say his name, and he would drop onto his butt and peek under the top rail and grin and giggle. I would peek up above the rail (all of this from his doorway), and a little blonde head would pop up above it. Getting him dressed wasn't an Olympic wrestling match this morning either. Oh the goodness!

So, this event, and the fact that it is happening on a what could almost be called a regular basis (!) , has a small part of me questioning whether launching myself back into the whole newborn racket would be that great of an idea. I'm just beginning to get a degree of normalcy back into my life. I can't say that I'm getting my life back per se, I know that my life pre-son will never come back. And that's not a bad thing. However, maybe I owe it to myself to let things settle out a bit further before I embark down the highway of infertility again. Just enjoy Son for all of his goofiness and smiles, and not get caught up in the pursuit of another pregnancy. I'm still of a mind that this gregarious little kid needs a sibling, but maybe I need to take care of me for a little while. I might just be able to find a little time to do that.

Oh, and all of this has contributed to make this a wonderful Friday. Hooray!


KB said...

I'm JEALOUS! Still waiting for that magical day here... **sigh** He's SO unlike his sisters, who slept through at 10 & 9 weeks respectively.

Cece said...

Oh the baby days, I remember the well. Glad you got a good night sleep.