Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Official

I have a toddler. As of Saturday morning around 9 AMish. A toddler.

Husband had to go into work that morning (a long story that only seems to be getting longer....) and Son didn't want him to go. Son was standing by his old standby, the coffee table, and was so upset that he just let go and walked over to me on the couch for some sympathy. Little bugger didn't even realize that he had done it. Happily, Husband saw those precious few steps too, so no one missed out on the big event.

He's taken a couple of more here and there since then, but he seems to be focusing on standing by himself for longer and longer. I'm trying hard not to push, since I have learned that Son will do it on his own time table. Which provides even more support for my theory that the cats have been educating him on how to handle Mommy. I now need to get Husband to just relax about the entire thing. He seems to have this mission to have Son running across the room by the time he's one. Not gonna happen. I'm just happy that I have a healthy little boy who just happens to hit milestones a little early.

Now that Son is on his way to being vertically mobile, I probably should finally suck it up and buy him a pair of shoes. Right now he is barefoot all of the time, which seems to have helped to strengthen those chunky ankles of his. Oh, and all of his socks are too small. He might have gotten some of his height from Husband, but it appears that he has also inherited the oversized flippers, er, feet from me. Geez, lucky kid.

However, soon we'll have to break out the socks since summer is beginning its long death knell. At this point, the only real shoes that he has are a pair of sandals that I think he has worn twice. Very cute, but they just seem to hinder him more than anything. Now I just need to find some Robeez on sale.......

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