Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's the little things

I need to get this down before I forget. Because it was a piece of minutiae that makes life what it is.

Last night after dinner, Son, Husband, and I set out for an abbreviated grocery shopping expedition. Most of it was to get things that I can either (a) quickly make and (b) not feel guilty about giving to Son. Yes, I was having a guilt trip over feeding him hot dogs (the all beef, not at all good for you kind) on Sunday. Does it count that he had mixed vegetables with it? But I digress.

Husband hates shopping of any kind, but he always wants to come with anyway. The grocery store might be the exception because I usually allow the sneaky additions that he throws in the cart-last night it was Cheetos (the really big bag), those cheap but yummy sandwich cookies, and a dozen day-old donuts. While he was off grabbing the not-so-high on the nutrition items, I was agonizing over organic vs. Cheaper generic frozen peas. Such a glamorous life.

I emerge from the frozen section, and can't find Husband and Son anywhere. I'm a little perturbed at this, since we were pushing it being there that close to Son's bedtime. I go on the hunt, scanning aisle by aisle. About two aisles into my search, I hear baby giggles. Those goofy, completely genuine giggles. I also know that they belong to Son. What do I see but Husband pushing the cart down the aisle at breakneck speed, just to jump on the back and coast down the aisle. Meanwhile, Son is twisting around in the seat of the cart, the wind blowing back his hair a bit, to see where he is going with this huge smile on his face. They BOTH had this silly grin.

THIS is why I wanted to give this man a child. So he can have those moments of complete joy and levity. Something that he didn't get very often, if at all, with his own dad. They were having so much fun I couldn't help but laugh and smile. Its one of those moments that I wish I could guarantee that I could picture in my mind for a long time, that I could keep. But for now I can think about it and smile, and know that they had a good day together.

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Kristina said...

Oh, I LOVE that story... There is something about seeing your husband playing some ridiculous game with your son that melts the heart doesn't it. I try to catch it on video if I can, but sometimes, I just watch... committing that scene to memory for when Lochlan is a teenager and hates us! You are one lucky lady :). But I suspect you know that. TTYL