Monday, February 26, 2007

Round I: First Trimester Screening

The short of it: everything looks OK. The genetic counseling, while entertaining, just went to show that Husband's family is a cluster when it comes to health issues, mine is fairly normal, but the women tend to have stroke issues. No red flags.

The ultrasound went well. Well, unless you count Husband getting yelled at for recording with his cell phone. I told him not to, he did it anyway, and he pissed off the sonographer. He just doesn't get that recording, in any form, creates a significant liability for the hospital, which this clinic is attached to. He doesn't get that malpractice insurance is through the roof, and that suites happen all the time. He sort of ruined it by NOT listening to me, yet again. This is getting VERY old.

Anyway, there really is a baby in there! A lot less blobish, and looking far more human. Very active once they changed my position on the table (which by the way, was the best ultrasound table I have ever been on. With a screen that I could see. That never happened at my OB's office. Man, did I get screwed the last time around!). Hands waving, bouncing around a little bit. Rolling around. Still measuring around 3 days ahead (11w5d), so we may be headed to another big one this time. They even flipped on the 3D capability to take a look. I've never been that excited about the 3D thing-I have never been offered one for diagnostic purposes, and I have some issues about going to a strip mall somewhere to have it done. Just feels too back alley for me. However, how cool! We have our level II there in late April, so I'm hoping that we'll get some more of the 3D done.

We'll get the blood test results back on Fridayish. I'm not too concerned, since the nuchal measurement was endorsed by the perinatologist on duty as normal, and that the baby looked great. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday morning.

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jen said...

so glad that everything look great with your little one in there. I always loved the reassurance I received from a good ultrasound day. woo-hoo!