Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just stuff

Lots of random things bouncing around right now. Doesn't make for the most interesting entry, but it does have cathartic properties.

  • Baby stuff. Everything is progressing at a quiet, yet steady pace. I'm beginning to have to get more creative with my wardrobe. I'm at that crappy stage where things are beginning to fit strangely, the progesterone bloat has worn off, and my passenger is making its presence much more visible. (We aren't talking about the flotation devices on my chest...I'm going to have to go and actually get measured to see where I am. Lovely.) However, since I'm a plus size and short (I barely graze 5'2" on a good day), I just look frumpy. In an effort to assuage my general frustrations about the situation, I ordered some stuff from tres chic JCP*nney today. Don't judge the fashion sense here...they're one of the few that actually make plus size maternity without everything looking like a tent. Other than that, not too much to report. Still sick in the mornings, although all I can manage is dry heaves, and still sick at night. Yuck. We have a our first trimester screen next Tuesday, so I've got something to look forward to (I hope).
  • Work. It's still crappy, but some of my hormone-tinged frustration and anger has dissipated, but I still think that it is high time that I have an honest conversation with my manager. Communication isn't his strong suite, something that he will readily admit to. Unfortunately, my mind-reading skills aren't up to Troi standards, so we tend to be universally screwed. He's going to be here next week, somewhat at my behest (geez, I should've thrown a fit a while ago). Originally, it was supposed to be a week later. Now I just have to decide whether to tell him about the baby or wait. Quite honestly, it's getting harder and harder not to let it slip, and I'm getting a bit tired of it. In addition, the appointments are coming fast and furious over the next couple of weeks, and I hate having to slink around because of it.
  • Son. He's been a little off since we got back from vacation and his four days with my parents. The smallest frustrations are sending him to complete and total meltdowns. Part of this is what I think is going to be a personality trait, inherited from his father. You know the one; throw a fit, throw things, scream and cry, when if you calmed down, took the time, the issue would be fixed in five seconds. I HATE this about Husband, and the fact that he knows that he does it, recognizes when he's in the midst of it, but yet does nothing to change. I worry about the example he is setting. It doesn't help that even though I'm pretty sure that my parents tried to stick to Son's schedule, he just doesn't seem comfortable. The loss of the long nap during the day at daycare is also throwing him for a loop. Another part of the meltdown factor when we get home is that he is REALLY hungry, and just can't seem to wait for me to make him something. We have been wanting to eat dinner together, but that has gone out the window. Husband "forgets" to eat all day, then gorges when he gets home around 4:00, so he's not hungry. Meanwhile, I think that at least I could have something with Son, but that means that we actually have to cook something. I want him to start having more whole foods, not so much processed stuff. However, that means that things take time. Son doesn't seem to have that kind of time, and since nothing food-related is even appealing to me right now, we both end up frustrated. GAH!!!! It makes me want to scream. I hope that he settles down after this week, because I'm having a hard time coping with it all. Husband wanted to go on yet another road trip this weekend, this time four hours in one direction, but I think that he'll either have to wait, or go by himself. I don't think that Son can handle another trip this soon. The weather is supposed to be less than nice as well (snow, rain, high winds), so I think that we just need to all stay home. His friend can wait another week.

God, this entry is boring even me. I've been working on another set of entries having to deal with Son's delivery, what I learned, and what I hope to not repeat. While in the end, everything went OK, there are still things about it that upset me. Things that I don't want to repeat.

Anyway, that's it for now. Work must be done.

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Kristina said...

I'm glad things are going so well with the new baby and I hope your boss listens to you. It's just rough having a lot of stress - at a time when you shouldn't be stressed - at a place where you spend a lot of time. So I hope he listens...

I do have a tip for your son... I'm done work at 5:15 and I pick Lochlan up right away and we commute home together. But he can't wait until we get home before having something to eat. The drive is not so fun with a starving screaming toddler in the back seat!! So I keep a box of toddler biscuits in the car - they're good for him. Sort of. They're small so they don't wreck his dinner, but it's enough to stop the complaining until I can make dinner for us. I'd do that - keep a box of healthy treats in the car and then give him one when you get him settled and it should keep him happy until dinner is cooked at home! Good Luck!