Friday, February 02, 2007

Spoke too soon

Crap! Just when I start to relax a little, things get goofy on me again. Since I never did say too much about our ultrasound on the 29th, I should probably start there....

Our ultrasound was pretty uneventful, which was good. Only one passenger, who was actually measuring a day ahead. Heartbeat, the whole thing. The tech seemed to spend a long time digging around, rather painfully, for what I think was a corpus luteum, which wasn't found. Dr. RE said that everything looked fine, and that I was released to my regular OB. I was handed the worksheet with all of the important information to give to my OB, and an envelope of four pictures of our blob. Our blob with a heartbeat. It lasted all of 10 minutes.

I went home and started to finish up cleaning the house for our appointment with the rep from the remodeling contractor that we had contacted, and really didn't think much more of the ultrasound, other than the relief that there was only one, and that everything looked OK.

The next morning, after my usual bathroom routine before my shower, I turned to put down the lid and flush, and I noticed that there seemed to be something out of the ordinary on the toilet paper. I started to feel a little panicky, and wiped (OK, so maybe TMI, but we've all been there) to find some generous pink discharge. I calm myself down, chalk it up to the thorough wanding of the day before, and decide to call my OB when the office opens at 8 AM.

I call my OBs office, and leave a message for one of the nurses. She calls back, but doesn't seem horribly interested in talking to me. Basically, call your RE back if you start cramping. Lovely. They don't seem to want to do anything with me until they see me on the 5th. Such a nice place to be; in the limbo between the RE and OB.

The discharge eventually turned brown over the course of the day, and I didn't see any more of it until this morning. Since I'm a little leery of sex per se right now (if an ultrasound probe can cause problems, what damage could one of those things do?), we engaged in, well, getting each other happy. Mission accomplished (man, this is so much better when pregnant and not yet the size of a small killer whale). No more than five minutes later, pink on the paper again.

I called my RE's office this morning, and they pretty much said no activity, period, until I see my OB. I'm getting a little scared here. I didn't have any, and I mean absolutely no, spotting with Son. This just doesn't feel right. There hasn't been any cramping other than the normal pulling going on down there, and some round ligament issues have popped up, but nothing out of the norm. I know that it's probably not a big deal, but I'm still a little worried. I know that I've been coming off as a bit ambivalent about the whole thing, but I do want this baby. Monday seems a long way away all of a sudden.

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Kristina said...

I hate that all you can really do with early pregnancy is wait... and wait... and wait... It's horrible. And try to get anything done while you're waiting? Yeah- that's not happening!!

I hope everything is okay- I suspect that it is since all the reserach I checked out after my 6w ultrasound said that if you see a heartbeat, miscarriage is down fom 20% to 5%. Not bad odds. Every baby and every pregnancy is difficult and this one may just be a bit more sensitive. I'm sure everything will check out fine on Monday.

Having had two miscarriages and a successful pregnancy, there is a difference between good cramping and bad cramping and you can tell. It's very painful when you lose a baby, so just take it easy, get some rest and let that little bean get a bit stickier, okay?

I'll be thinking of you on Monday. TTYL