Monday, July 24, 2006

Stealing Kisses

Son has started to do the cutest thing. I think he is trying to kiss us. Big, wet, open mouth kisses that resemble jaws coming at you.

We were sitting on the floor playing, and he crawled up into my lap (Mt. Mommy!) and was smiling and talking at me. He then came at me with his version of a kiss. At first I wasn't sure exactly what he was doing, but I finally figured it out. My fear was that he was trying to bite, since he has enountered a nasty little biter at daycare. However, this was soft, and while a little lacking in the aim department, sweet nonetheless. Wet, but sweet. The first attempt landed squarely on my, ahem, somewhat prominent nose, which he then proceeded to chew on. At least the intent was good.

Where he picked this up I don't know. It is nice to finally see him express himself. His other communication methods, such as banging on the tray of the highchair (roughly translated "hurry up woman, I'm hungry!"), throwing a fit while changing a diaper, etc. Felt so, well, impersonal. That the particular reaction would be given to anyone. He's selective with his kisses. So far, only I get them, and the "food lady" at daycare. She asked about it this morning, and I took it that he was really trying to show affection. I could just eat up that little man!

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Jennifer said...

Hello! Just found your blog, I also used to journal at TLOL under "Jennifer" Welcome to blog land, it's ... well. Different :0) I'll add you to my blogs since we have sons the same age!