Thursday, July 27, 2006

Before and After

I finally convinced Husband to get the 200+ pictures off of the camera and onto the computer. My parents are complaining that they haven't had their (Grand) Son fix in a while, so I had to take care of that. He's a ham, that's for sure. Even among the pictures that we uploaded, it was amazing how much Son has changed.

This one is from when he was just hours old. Poor little guy, you could tell that his road to the outside wasn't fun. I didn't realize how swollen he was until a couple of days later.

This one is from when he is about 8 weeks old. When someone at work saw it, they just told me that they could already tell that he was going to be a handful. He really isn't in the fact that he is bad, just very curious and full of adventure.

Finally, here is one from last night. What a big boy! I've got to say that I don't think that we have ever had a bad picture that was his fault-he's just cursed with parents that are too slow on the shutter! While our digital is OK for these types of every day pictures, the technology is progressing so fast that I'm of the opinion that we need to start looking into something of a bit better quality, that we can still run. It's taken us a while to figure this one out!

When I look at this short history, it is so amazing to me how far he has come. While thinking of PithyDithy today on her way to get her first sonogram, I think back to the day that we saw Son (aka "the blob") the first time. Furiously beating heart, a life that had literally just begun. Then I think about last night where his biggest delight was in climbing Mt. Mommy over and over again, babbling away the entire time. Nature and life itself truly is an awesome thing.

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pithydithy said...

It's similarly amazing to me to look at those pictures (of one adorable little boy!) and to think that my own blob could become...a baby. Life is an amazing thing.