Sunday, July 23, 2006

At least one thing got done

Weekends, ah weekends. When you are supposed to be able to refuel and refresh after a long week, and come back smelling like a daisy (or is it a rose? I get my perrenials confused sometimes). Anyway, it really doesn't matter because I am officially more tired than when I began.

However, despite trips to urgent care, then to the emergency room, Husband having to get a CAT scan, cranky, overtired baby, and me so cranky with restless Husband that I ended up on the couch, we did get one majore thing done. We FINALLY picked out the cultured stone to go on the front of the house. Hooray!

To back up, our lovely "vintage" home (read generic 1966 split-level) still has the original masonite siding on it. One side had been replaced at one point, but the rest is still pushing 40+ years old. Due to some damage from an old arborvitae, the front has started to separate and wick water. Not pretty. Add that to the large peeling pieces (not chips mind you, big honking pieces) of paint, and it is even worse. We finally bit the bullet, got a home equity loan, and are going to re-side in vinyl and add cultured stone to the front, and possibly the sides. We have wanted to do this since we bought the place six years ago. Before Husband got so sick, we went to the stone store, siding sample in hand, and were able to see big sample boards (think really big headstone sized) outside so we were really able to get a good idea of what it looked like. We had picked one from the brochure, but after we saw it outside, we ended up going in an entirely different direction. Surprisingly, it was done without a fight, which is a first for us.

It just feels so good to be on our way with this. Finally, forward momentum on at least one thing! I even got our 2005 tax worksheet finished up so I can send it off to the accountant. Wow, I guess that even though this place still looks like a disastor area, loads of laundry are undone, and the dogs still smell very doggy, I did accomplish something. Yea for me!

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