Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh, that wasn't too smart....

So after I wrote my post from yesterday, trying to figure out what to do about trying for another baby, what do I go and do? Hold a six week old. Duh.

Our neighbors just recently (well, six weeks ago), had their fourth. After three boys, a girl. They are really nice people, and their boys are something to behold. You would expect to hear chaos ensue on a regular basis with three that are 6, 4, and 2 but there is very, very little of it. Amazing. Their two year-old has been talking in complete, very articulate sentences since he was a hair past one.

OK, my whole point (yes, there is one in there) is that holding a relatively new baby was darn close to enough to push me over the edge to dial up Dr. RE and see when we could get in for a consultation/planning appointment. However, I have refrained. Husband still isn't completely on board, but he has been talking lately in terms of "practicing" so Son could have a brother or sister. Encouraging to say the least. (Although we know that no amount of "practicing would ever end up with me pregnant).

I know that I need to be patient here. There are a lot of things that we need to get in order before we start down this path again. First off, Son needs to be weaned. He is pretty much completely off of bottles (at daycare, he very rarely gets one at home), but eliminating that last bedtime feed is something that I'm not quite ready for. I just finally got him to sleep through the night on a semi-consistent basis at ten months! Secondly, I need to try to put myself in better physical condition before we do this again. Now that I have a clue about what pregnancy does to me, I know what I need to work on. Son becoming more independent will help me get out and do more, either by virtue of a walk or the gym that I have been paying for. Finally, we need to get the whole housing situation figured out. I emailed Husband the listing for the house that I like when I got the notice from the website that it had dropped another $10k. We just got the approval for our home equity loan to side and put stone on our house now, so that would need to be done before we would ever be able to think about listing it.

All in all, my encounter has left me more and more convinced that I want to, need to, do this again. Let's just hope that the higher powers that helped last time are up to the challenge yet again.

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