Thursday, May 24, 2007

Employee of the day

I made it to work this morning. Hooray for me! All of this despite the fact that Son woke up crying at 3;30, settled down at 3:45, and ended up in bed with us (I know, I know, but.....[insert whine here]) at 4:30, only to be up for the day at 6:00. That's one and a half hours before showtime people. Ugh. Considering that I didn't get to bed until around 12:00 last night, I was really looking forward to my 6:15 alarm. Oh well.

Husband, who I think secretly believes that I was putting everything on for effect, called in to work at 4:30 to say that Son was sick and would be home with him today. Interestingly enough, Son was chipper enough (although not eating, hmmmm....) to go to daycare this morning. So, Husband is at home, lounging. Why? Not real sure. I asked him when he called whether he thought that since I sat home for the past two days whether it was his turn. He didn't find me funny. I wasn't trying to be funny. Seriously. I did ask him that if he endeavored to get off of the couch today that he could wander down to the office and start to sort out his "stuff" in anticipation for our garage sale that is coming up way too soon. Chuck the extra phone cords. Clean up the not compatible past Windows 98 monitors. I'm not holding out much hope. It has to be done, whether he likes it or not. I'm buying baby bedding this weekend pal. Pottery Barn Kids on sale. Denial will get you nowhere.

Other than this mystifying course of events, work is OK today. I can't breathe through my nose, and I sound horrible, but I feel OK considering. Everyone that has called or stopped by has said that "hey, great you're back" but has quickly added "but you sound terrible." At least they are nice enough to refrain from the "look terrible" part. Could be the good hair day going on that's helping there. I was planning on taking tomorrow off in anticipation of the holiday weekend and diving into the home office project (with Son happily at daycare), but this rotten virus has conspired against me on that one. Of course, unless I kick it into gear and get something done this afternoon...but lunch calls first!

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