Thursday, May 03, 2007


No, not any deep thought-provoking stuff here, but it did strike me how things work sometimes.

Con: Son woke up at 5AM yesterday, crying in his sleep. He has been doing this lately, and I feel so sad for him-what is upsetting him so much? He's very cognizant of Husband not benig home right now, and I know that he doesn't understand, and is upset about it. Usually, I can sneak into his room, put a blanket over him (they never, ever stay on through the night), he calms down, I get to go back to bed. Needless to say, I like this solution.

However, it didn't work that way yesterday. He just kept crying, but he was still asleep. Since he's still in his crib, and it's on the lowest mattress adjustment, it's tough to be able to reach him to rub his back or anything when he's squashed in the far corner. The extra mound that I'm carrying around in front doesn't help either, especially since I usually have to balance on the front rail of the crib to reach him. Anyway, I woke him up enough that he sat up, grabbed his bear and blanket, and wanted to be picked up.

Pro: realizing that he just needed his mommy. I brought him to bed with me (I had gotten to bed LAAATE that night, and we both needed the sleep). He finally fell asleep, with no tossing or turning, after he crawled on top of me, wiggled to get in a comfortable position (legs hanging around the ever-increasing belly), and positioned BoBo the bear just right. Then he snored.

I had to find a way to prop myself up on some pillows so the whole compressing the vena cava thing didn't cause me to pass out, but still, it was so nice. We never coslept with him as a baby-I just couldn't do it since I was so jumpy about every sound he made, I never would have slept. However, there was something so peaceful about looking over at my angelic-looking blond haired son, feeling him breathe and melt into me with such complete and utter trust, and feeling so much for him that I was on the point of tears. I know that those moments are fleeting, but I'm doing the best that I can to burn them into my brain and be able to remember them forever.

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