Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The wonders of a little boy

Son has discovered a slew of new tricks to add to his cuteness quotient. God knows, after the toddler screaming/tantrum demerits, he needs the help.

Regardless, this kid never fails to surprise us. A couple of nights ago we were putting Son to bed. Pajamas (the "cahr" ones), Bobo the bear was in hand, and it was time to try to cajole a kiss or two out of him. He has this routine where I pull up his pajama bottoms where he is standing on the changing table. I tell him "all done" and then he just falls into me. I don't know when we started it, but routine it is. Husband was doing the dressing for some reason (oh yea, tired, pregnant mommy hadn't eaten since lunch and it was 8PM), and Son did the fall thing with Husband. He then....drumrolll....wrapped his little arms around Husband's neck and hugged. He hugged! He's never done that before. He would pat your back or shoulder while someone was holding him, but that was it. This was a bona fide hug!

Last night, Husband was conked out on a muscle relaxant (his neck is still bugging him a little), and I was going through the routine. Son fell, I caught, he hugged. He then demanded that we do it again. I moved away from the changing table and was moving towards his crib. He then would open his arms wide, let out a happy little scream and then wrap his arms and squeeze. Heaven!

He's also started to blow kisses. Again, not something that he had ever done before. However, his aim on his hand is still a little goofy-sometimes I think that he's signing thank you, and others a kiss. Regardless, he does it with such glee that I'll take either version. He's also using "pease", but not voluntarily yet. I gotta say, he can take his time with some of those vowel sounds.

I can say, that he's way more entertainment than I ever thought he could be. I was singing "Twinkle Twinkle" last night, and he actually chimed in for a couple of lines-melody and everything! The words, well, they were ad-libbed, but still, what a sweet little voice. He's been singing for a while, but it just sounded like random tests of the noises he could make. Now it's becoming more organized. Damn, now I'll actually have to start reading the newsletters and figure out what they are focusing on. It's fun to see how his face registers that he knows what comes next, and gee, Mom, you can do it too!

OK, so I guess that we'll keep him.

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