Monday, March 19, 2007

Thar she blows!

There are certain types of things that I think only happen in a house with a small child (or children). I used to think that the dogs, in all their glory, were two of the most destructive forces in the universe. Oh no. Two 75lb dogs have nothing on a 28 lb toddler. Nothing.

So, last night, I actually made a meal (with help from our friendly neighborhood SuperTarget, but never you mind), and I'm getting Son's plate ready. Husband is corralling said Son to get into his highchair, when Son notices that the 7Up fridge pack is on the dining room chair. Hooray! One of Son's favorite things is to take cans out and put them back in. Screw the meal, let me play.

Son then proceeds to start to pull out one can....and the thing erupts, spewing pop up and onto the ceiling, the wall, and just about every other surface within five feet. Son, meanwhile, is crying. He's scared, and soaked in the full-sugar version of pop. Husband grabs the offending container and throws it in the sink, and I guide the toddler down the hall to the bathroom to strip him off and clean him up. Good thing it was bath night. He walks into the bathroom stiff legged, since his pants are soaked from waistband down to his shoes. He's still crying. We strip off his shirt, and I wipe him off with a washcloth, give him a hug, and the tears stop. We were on our way to his room to get off his pants and get a new diaper when I look down the hall to see Husband watering the floor of the kitchen and dining room with the sprayer from the sink. I guess it worked, because the main areas affected are pretty stick free.

The rest of the two rooms...well, lets just say that me and my Floormate are going to be spending some time together this weekend. And that the dining room wall might need to get repainted too. The thing is, unlike the last time this happened (yes, there was a last time), Son had actually dropped the can of pop. This time, we can't figure out what happened. I looked at the can later, and the seam along the top of the can just seems to have split. Don't think that Son will be messing with those cans again.

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