Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Insurance Workout

The past week or so has truly given my insurance a workout. Let's see, Husband refilled four prescriptions, my OB appointment, and Son's 18 month checkup. If we were one of the many that didn't have coverage, our financial life would really stink right now. As it is, five copays later, it's not so bad. Now I just have to remember to submit everything to our FSA.

My 12 week OB appointment with Dr. Wonderful was on Friday. Husband couldn't come, which was OK, since he can't stand to wait (for anything) and just generally annoys me. He's worse than Son when it comes to sitting still. All of the normal stuff, was, well, normal. I even have a fundal height! Trust me, it was a tough one to get too-I'm still not big enough to easily find the top of the uterus, and all of my extra padding doesn't help. I love that Dr. Wonderful doesn't get on my case about this since, really, there's not much I can do about it now.

The real excitement came when he pulled out the doppler. As with Son, radio silence. This happened after he had to leave the room to take a call after I was already gooped up. Ah, the dignity of holding one's pants down to be left on the table goopy and under the air vent. He dug around for a while, and still couldn't find anything.

I was somewhat impressed that I didn't freak out about it, at least initially. Son had done this at this same appointment. Just active. Right? The longer he dug around, the more I could feel the anxiety lapping up around my ankles. He finally gave up after a couple of minutes, told me that he was pretty sure that there were heart tones, but that he was going to go check with the sonographer to see what her schedule looked like. (Insert anxiety up to my shins.) I mention that this is probably just an active baby, and that my padding didn't help. He agreed that it didn't help, but that it wasn't a barrier either. Out to the waiting room I go to wait for Wendy the sonographer.

About 15 minutes of waiting (all the while trying to distract myself reading an article about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James) and I was in with the sonographer. As suspected, all is well. Heartbeat at 161. The funny thing was that the baby looked like it had its hands behind its head, and was doing the bicycle with its legs against the uterine wall. Son was active, but he never really hurt with the kicking once I could feel it. I'm a little afraid that this one might not be so gentle. However, it was good to see all of that activity, and I'm beginning to look forward to our Level II in April.

It was Son's turn at the doctor on Monday for his 18 month appointment. We went over basic things like where he was developmentally, and he was even kind enough to point out a car to doctor that was on one of the books that he was trying to destroy. Everything checked out fine, and he still is in the upper percentiles for everything. I keep waiting for everything to slow down, but so far, not happening. He's now 34.5" tall (95th percentile), and 27.6 pounds (75th percentile), which follows where he has been since birth. He just needed one shot, and we were done. He didn't cry for the shot, but was waaaay more interested in the Spiderman band aid. One interesting thing was that the doctor brought up that the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending a Hepatitis A shot as well. I guess that they have given them routinely in the southern border states for years. Hep A is prevalent in developing countries that suffer from less than ideal sanitation. We didn't get it this time, and I need to do some more research on it. I know that at least child in his daycare room routinely visits India each year, so it may not be a bad idea. I just want to be sure that there isn't any negatives that I'm not aware of.

Barring any unforeseen calamity, we are now officially out of any doctor's offices for a good month. However, that leave me with no excuse why I've been cruising into work a bit later than normal. Sigh. Time to respect the alarm again....

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jen said...

I'm so glad that everything is well in there. I think that everything the "second" time has much sameness and yet it's so darn different!