Thursday, October 12, 2006

I hate it when I start thinking

OK, I'm looking for input here....

Here's the deal:
  • haven't had a non-pharmacologically induced period since I got pregnant with Son back in Nov. 04
  • started weaning about six weeks ago. We're down to one feeding before bed, and I've been limiting him to five minutes per side. Cold turkey will result in grumpy toddler and mommy
  • started spotting very lightly (not enough to even merit a (TMI) panty liner
  • spotting went on for about 10 days, but never amounted to anything remotely resembling a flow
  • I am still periodically feeling crampy and achey like a full blown nasty period is coming on, but nothing even resembling it has shown up. It's been so long I think that I may have forgotten what it's like.
  • have been waking up for the past week urgently needing potty breaks at between 2-3 AM (now I'm the one that can't sleep through the night! )
  • despite efforts to reduce supply, I was horribly engorged last night.

BOTTOM LINE: Could the unthinkable possibly have happened and we may have, ummm, done it all on our own? For the record (TMI again) I had EWCM about three weeks ago.
I really need a sanity check here. I'm afraid to test and be disappointed, I'm afraid to test and be surprised. I'm also going out of town for most of next week, and some serious ingestion of alcohol is on the agenda. I would hate to do something that I might regret.

In my heart of hearts, I strongly suspect that this is just wishful thinking. To be able to avoid the ultrasounds, the shots, the not seeing each other the day we conceive our child, the expen$e. I don't know what to think. I was just talking to Husband, and mentioned that I had to get up yet AGAIN last night, and he sounded hopeful when he asked if might be pregnant. God, I hate disappointing him....

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Everyday Superhero said...

Test! Buy a package of two... heck, splurge and buy two packages of two. Enjoy the suspense, the excitement and the thrill and not knowing and finding out.

You don't need to believe the first test, or even the second. Dream about the possibility. It's surprises and hopes like these that truly make life rich.

Right, can you tell I'm feeling sappy? At the very least, test before you go away so that you can drink with a clear conscience!

P.S. Welcome to the world of Pregnancy Paranoia!!