Friday, September 29, 2006


OK, so where is it written that the Mommy is the one that gets the cold without the help of Son or Husband? Where? I have managed to pick up one doozey, and I feel lousy. I suppose that I could blame hanging out with a little over 63,000 people last weekend (the Vikings game), but that won't help me much with my viral finger pointing.

Yuck. So this morning, after waking up with a head that was so clogged up I couldn't breathe let alone see, I trudged into work with the following: box of tissue with the good lotion, a bottle of orange juice, a Krispy Kreme (with sprinkles), and a banana/chocolate muffin. What a vision. I probably shouldn't be here, but since I was out on Monday and Tuesday at continuing education classes, I feel a little obligate. Plus, Husband is taking today off since he has to work all weekend, so I know that I wouldn't get a whole lot of rest today. I did manage to sleep until 7:00 this morning (oops), but I cringe to think how I would be feeling if I didn't.

So, this leaves me looking forward to the weekend with gusto. Sick, husband working, alone with Mr. Wiggles, and my parents coming down on Sunday morning. Guess that I'll have to stop at Target on the way home for more tissue.....*sniff* Someone needs to step up and take care of the Mommy!!

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Jennifer said...

The only person who ever seems concerned about whether I have a cold or not is MY mom LOL