Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How easily I forget

As I mentioned a while ago, I haven't had a real, honest-to-goodness period in almost two years. Yep, two years. Haven't missed it a bit. Well, to be honest, I wasn't missing much because I usually didn't have them on a regular basis anyway due to the PCO.

Anyway, I noticed that I was spotting a bit yesterday, and it has continued on today. Not enough to warrant really doing anything about it, but just enough to remind me of how much I really don't miss this entire process. I have a monster headache, I'm exhausted, and things are achey. I know that it is probably a good thing. My body is letting me know that the weaning process is proceeding, and I'm that many steps closer to getting my body back. It is also probably telling me that getting off of my butt and onto the treadmill has been a good thing. I would tend to agree, although at only two weeks of doing it I don't think I have earned any medals yet. All in all, I suppose that it really comprises the last steps to getting back to my pre-baby "normalcy." I just wish that I didn't feel quite so crappy.

Oh, and Son has managed to share his cold with me. Yuck. I want to go home and crawl into bed, breathe through my mouth, and snore away without any comments from Husband. Won't be able to, but maybe I'll fantasize about it on the drive home.

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