Sunday, September 17, 2006


The title has a two-pronged meaning. First, it is one of Son's favorite things to say over and over. I don't count it as his first word, since I'm not sure if he is using it as merely a vowel sound exercise or if actually gets it.

Second prong-stray cat that I adopted, has not assimilated with other cats, Husband is demanding to leave? Well, ummmm.....she had her kittens today. Ooops. Five of them. One orange, one orange and white, and it looks like three with the dark brown, orange, and black markings on white. I came down to feed her and noticed that she looked, ahem, rather svelte again. Uh-oh. They all look fine, but VERY new-I think that the one on top of the pile of them was still a little wet. They are making those precious little new kitten noises. She just wolfed down a bunch of food (note to self: stop at pet store on way home tomorrow) and water and is now happily back under the futon.

The weird thing is, we have two drawers that slide under the futon (which is unfolded, usually it's serving as a guest bed), with various old blankets in them. I thought for sure that she would use one of them. Instead, she appears to have had them out in the open space, snuggled up to one of my old stuffed animals that Husband won for me out of the claw machine at one of the hotels that we worked at during our rather nomadic days before we were married.

I haven't messed with the kittens yet (sooooo hard), but my inspection with the flashlight seems to show that she cleaned up after herself pretty well (our other cat who had kittens made a huge mess), and there isn't a stain anywhere on the light carpet here in the office. Methinks Husband is going to go ballistic on me. He wanted her gone before this happened. Oh well, he's just gonna have to deal with it. So there.

How cool is this? I got to welcome a new mommy into the world. Good job kitty!

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pithydithy said...

Awwwww.....who can be mad at a kitty when she's produced cuteness?!