Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go figure

I just had to get this one down.

I was dropping off Son at daycare this morning (later than late) and he was all excited about getting in on story time, since it was "If you give a mouse a cookie." He looooooves those books. Anyway, the teacher had to take a break to round up the wandering toddlers, so she came over to say good morning.

She also had an interesting observation. Apparently, Son is proficient in identifying numbers, but in Spanish only. Hunh? If you hold up a flash card with a number five on it, he'll happily tell you what it is in Spanish. Ask him to do it in English? Nope, he is still getting them a bit mixed up. The closest thing to bilingual in our house is the dusty German dictionary from college next to the good 'ol Merriam Webster. But still. I must ask him to count for me tonight. I can barely understand his English some days, so Spanish should be a real kick!

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Angie said...

Too funny! Maybe he is getting it from Diego like Keegan? I noticed about a week ago that all of a sudden he knew certain Spanish words and even radom English words like jaguar or Ilama and it all comes from Diego! It made me appreciate that cartoon much more than I previously did!