Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How about something new?

I'm tired of talking, thinking, or even somewhat contemplating my job crap. Tired. Manager's last real day is tomorrow, and then all hell will break loose. I've had four, count 'em, four conference calls today. My last one is in five minutes. Well, at least I can't say that I'm lacking for anything to do.

So, I have noticed that I have been remiss in sharing the cuteness that is Miss Thing, aka BabyA. I have to admit that we have been guilty of the sin of not taking half as many pictures of the second child as the first. I don't take all of the blame-Husband insisted on buying the bazillion dollar SLR camera, and I'm almost afraid to take it out of the case, let alone use it. These were taken by my mom before "the incident" between she and Husband. I'm still not quite up to talking about it yet. Put it this way, I don't know if Husband will ever go with me back to my parents. I'm not quite sure how any of that will ever work. Sigh.

Here are the two culprits together. I can see a resemblance, but they are certainly different in some areas:

Here is Son with his all-time favorite-"yightening!" The kid just about had a coronary when he saw this thing. Our picture turned out better than the one that we paid $5 for, but hey, at least they allowed us to take our own pictures (thank God for radio station interns that haven't met legal yet!) and Son has something in his room that makes him all smiley.

Finally, here is BabyA in all her glory. I have some better ones where you can see that smile that can light up a room, but I have to wrest those off of the memory card in said bazillion dollar camera. 'Nuff said.

Well, my calls are over, and I have six agreements to edit when I get home tonight. But I must tend to my loverly children for a couple of hours before I deal with monster software vendor. Gah.

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