Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Friday my eye

It's gonna be one of those days. Now, I know, I'm creating a possibly self-fulfilling prophecy here, but its not even 11AM and I am at the point of very likely killing whoever comes through my door next. Everything is grating on my nerves-and I don't know why.

OK, maybe I do have a bit of an inkling. First off, BabyA hasn't slept through the night once this week. The last time that she did it was last Friday night. I don't know what the deal is there. I did take her bumper out of her crib, since she's rolling at night now and I'm ultra paranoid about her getting stuck and being smushed up against it with dire consequences. I can't get it out of my head, rational or not, so I'm going with my gut. Unfortunately, I don't think that BabyA likes the change in scenery. Also, her binky has fallen through the slats on the crib, and Lord help us if a binky is not around. She can find it and put it back in like a pro, but without it, yikes. I'm not used to this. Add all of that to a couple of nights of staying up way too late to get some work done after the kids went to bed and I got the bottles washed and the laundry folded and washed my face, and it isn't pretty. I'm at that point where I'm getting shaky. Part of it is due to the near IV stream of caffeine that I have been pumping into myself to merely function, and part of it is just the sheer exhaustion. The rather high stress levels are catching up to me as well. I just need one morning to sleep and NOT be hassled. I'll give you a hint when that may happen-when Hell and Antarctica become one and the same.



Angie said...

Aahh, yes. I remember the sleepless nights do to nook (pacifier) searches. Not fun. When Keegan started waking up looking for them, I began putting like 5-10 (whatever amount we had or I could find) in his crib with him. It may look ridiculous but I'm telling you, you'll get more sleep because she'll probably be able to find one on her own. Give it a shot. Or maybe you could use of those things that clips it to her pajamas? I never used them but it may work?

Is there any way your DH could give you either Saturday or Sunday morning to sleep in a bit? Or maybe a nap one of those days? It is amazing how much even an extra hour or two can help. Tell him your sanity depends on it!

Hang in there, this too shall pass.

Kristina said...

Binky tips!!

1. get one of those clip things for her soother. Then it's always clipped to her shirt and she can find it herself at night and stop bugging you.

2. You can get bumpers that are breathable.. they're a mesh that goes around the crib bars so they stop her arms and legs from getting stuck, but they also allow her to breathe if her face gets mushed up against them.

Good luck!! Hopefully you can get some rest this weekend :)