Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving is going to be a turkey

Ahhh, my plans for a couple of quiet days at home as a family have been shredded. Damn.

I was all optimistic about the three of us actually getting some time together. Husband can take Thursday and Friday off, these being the first days off in over month. I went out and bought this tiny little turkey breast, and the miscellaneous other stuff that we both like. I thought, great, we can sleep in, take a nap, get some things done on the domestic front, and just reconnect. I also had my progesterone draw scheduled for Friday morning. Hooray, I thought, Husband will be home to take care of Son, so I don't have to (1) haul him to Dr. RE's office and try to wrangle him and get poked and (2) I also wouldn't have to subject the other women in the waiting room to his antics. I admit it, I was one of the haters of anyone who would bring in their kid to a lab or ultrasound appointment when I was struggling to just have one.

As usual, my plans are blown to smithereens. Husband relayed our abandonment by our respective families to a friend of his, and his friend, being a nice guy, suggested that we come down and spend the day with his family. (They have adopted us before under similar circumstances). Unfortunately, to finalize our adoption, we get to drive for four hours. We're used to it, but still.

I understand why Husband wants to go, I honestly do. If he is out of state, then his work can't call and drag him in. He can basically tell them to deal with whatever is going on. All of the shifts are covered, and it is going to be quiet. He will still have to work this weekend (the sixth one is a row, mind you) but he still gets a respite. This is his best friend, and he needs this type of time. Their respective favorite football team is playing on Thursday night, so they can sit, drink beer, and swear at them together. Husband doesn't even mind that it is on a 25" TV as opposed to getting the game in HD on our 52". I get it. Need decompression time. I just wish that it could be more with us as a family. Son misses him, I know it. Since the weekend gig isn't looking to change anytime soon, I guess that we'll just have to adjust.

We were planning on visiting our new niece (born on Monday) on Friday as well, and it's on the way, so we were looking at time on the road anyway. I guess it would be nice to not have to stare at the devastation that is currently my house for a couple of days. However, it still puts me in the mode of having to devote the entire weekend to just trying to catch up. Oh, and I get to spend tonight getting animals ready for someone to come over and watch them. I've been too busy and tired to get up the energy to try to take the more spazzy of our two dogs in to get his shots, and now they are out of date, so no kennel. That's probably OK, since it usually adds up to around $100 for a couple of days. With Christmas coming, every $100 counts.

I'm just tired, and I miss my Husband. My Son misses my Husband. I know that he needs this for his mental health. I know, I know. I'm just getting a little worried about my own.

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