Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The good things

I'm still not in a good place about my health. I received a comment that (a) pissed me off and (b) got me thinking. More on that later.

Just because things have been on the crappy side lately, there are some good things going on. First of all, Son has finally cut his second molar (at least the tips are through) so Mr. Crabby Pants might go on hiatus for a while. These molars have been really tough on him. He kept signing what we thought was "more"and we couldn't figure out what he wanted...umm, he was actually showing "hurt." Dumb parents. Pass the Motrin....

Secondly, Son and I were able to sleep in until...drumroll please....9:30 on Sunday morning. I honestly haven't been able to sleep that late since I was six months pregnant with Son! He woke up around 5:15 when he heard Husband get up to go to work, and just wouldn't settle back down. I finally caved into my own exhaustion, and brought him to bed with me. I don't do it very often, but I really didn't want to deal with Son CIO. I just couldn't this time. Anyway, he fell asleep on top of me. I slid him off, and he immediately snuggled in, little ice cube feet tucked under me. We both were out. It was so nice to wake up and see him there, and be able to hear him breathing, knowing he was content. This kid loves a good pillowtop, I tell you. Funny thing is, when he sleeps with me, he always flips over on his back. He never does that in his crib. When he finally woke up, he pulled on the covers, and grins up at me like he was being such a big boy. He then sits up, pokes at me, and signs that he wants to eat. Off we go to make waffles and just hang out. Even though Husband hasn't been home on a weekend morning for over a month, we had fun anyway.

That's one of those morning that I will have to tuck away in the memory.

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