Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What I should remember

Hopefully no one felt overly contaminated by the last post-I still am in the process of taking a flamethrower to our bedroom. I'm not too enamoured with our bedding anymore, so who cares? Oh, and the missing closet doors? Not a result of said flamethrowing but a pregnant temper tantrum with Son. Damn things wouldn't stay on their 40+ year old track, so I sorta kinda tore them off. Oops.

Anyway, in the middle of the viral maelstrom that was our house last week, a fairly momentous thing occurred. I got to hear my kids laughing together for the first time. In some people's world that may not be a big deal, but in mine it was. Just prior to the giggle fest, that week in fact, the thought had crossed my mind that almost four years ago, I had sat in that very living room, crying my eyes out after a really, really bad RE appointment. Amongst the tears, Husband and I had discussed the very real possibility that we couldn't, wouldn't, have children. Husband was adamantly anti-adoption, and it all had felt so bleak. It had been so bad that I swore off fertility treatment for the rest of the spring and all of the summer. I just couldn't hack the never ending disappointment, and my husband said something about wanting a fertility drug free wife (not that I'm normally all wonder and light, but those of you that have been there get it).

Instead of all of the bleakness, here I sat, four years later, with my toddler standing before me, an infant on my lap, and they are laughing at each other so hard that they are nearly in tears. You never could have told me four years ago that this would be the case. The cause for all of the merriment? I was sitting on the armchair with my feet up on the ottoman with BabyA, and Son was tossing a small ball to me. His aim was a bit off, it hit my foot, and bounced back to almost smack him in the noggin. Being a good sister (yikes), BabyA started to giggle, which got Son going, and so on. She would get going every time that he threw the ball, regardless of what the outcome. She adores him, and he played into it to the absolute hilt. This went on for over 15 minutes. I call Husband out from his self-quarantine in the bedroom, and he recorded it on his cell phone. It was so simple, but yet such a wonderful moment. This was why we wanted a child-this is why we wanted children. To watch and hear the two of them enjoying each other made it all worth it. I hope that the virus' were entertained, because we sure were.

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