Thursday, July 26, 2007

The things that excite me

OK, so I have fully admitted in the past that I'm a full-blown dork. I know it. End of disclaimer.

Since I've been trying to busy my mind with things NOT related to labor, or otherwise known as holy-shit-am-I-going-to-have-to-do-this-again-and-what-if-I'm-still-lousy-at-it freak out, I've dived into getting BabyA's room finished and trying to wrap things up at work. So, see, at least I'm trying to be productive. I think I just have a really strange way of expressing nesting urges.

Anyway. My mom was kind enough to purchase all of the window treatments for BabyA's room. Since we have an older 1960's house, none of the window sizes are even remotely "standard," so instead of getting the gingham blinds that I had been jonesing for, we had to make adjustments. Adjustments that were way more expensive than I had planned. She still handed over her credit card willingly, even AFTER seeing the total. Oh, and I have to find someone to sew since (1) I couldn't get black out panels and drape all in one package, so I had to order them separately and (2) the drape and the panels are different sizes. For someone who barely passed home ec in high school, this is waaaaay too much.

I just checked the website and looked up the tracking number, and the nice UPS lady dropped the rest of the order off today. Hooray! Next up: flooring goes in on Monday!

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