Monday, July 30, 2007

Not enough hours

Let's do the Cliff Notes version:
  • tired, crabby, and not sleeping very well. It hurts to roll over (I've now reached harpoonable proportions, and my lower abdomen hurts like hell)
  • I'm a full time waddler now-my trick of imagining that I'm not carrying around a watermelon on my front isn't working any more. I give in. Oh, and the cute lowish black slingbacks are now out of commission. Even my sandals with the stretchy elastic are getting too small-the summer swell is on!
  • our flooring was put in today-it looks great! The crib is in and both the crib and changing table will be delivered a week from tomorrow.
  • Husband is having a surprise inspection tomorrow, and for the first time with this brand, he was caught flat-footed. Insert grumpy, crabby, wired husband into the mix. Good times. There's nothing he can do to get ahead of it, so he just has to ride it out tomorrow. The sad thing is, he's more worried about his manager that decided to participate than the inspection itself. The inspector doesn't like him, and it only hurt Husband's score last time. Ugh.

I had mentioned that our friend's marriage was on its way to a massive implosion, and it happened over the weekend. They have said and done things that you just can't take back-things that should never be said unless you understand the gravity of them. No infidelity, nothing like that. Just two people who are similar in all of the wrong ways. The wife is already starting to try to manipulate their 2 1/2 year old-which just isn't right. It's really been bothering me-thinking about what the little girl caught in the cross fire will have to deal with. How Husband's friend will lose that day to day interaction with his daughter. All I could do was hug Son and try not to cry. I'm not that emotionally resilient these days (I've got a whole other post on that), and anything affecting a child really bothers me.

We had another biophysical profile (BPP) on Friday and all was well. BabyA was yawning, stretching, swallowing, and practicing breathing like a pro. The 4D pics were amazing. She looks a lot like Son, but there were still some significant differences. Just made me want to hold her all the more.

Next up: NST and OB appointment tomorrow. I've got to get my numbers into my endo tomorrow too-I'm spiking again in the AM, so it looks like the insulin is going to go up again. God, I miss real lemonade.....

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pithydithy said...

Oh, the discomfort of pregnancy. The first thing I did the morning after I had Finn was roll around in bed on my stomach. Sheer bliss to finally be able to assume more than one position in bed. Anyway, it'll be over soon! In the meantime,I'm sending comfortable thoughts.

As for the impending divorce of your friends, that makes me sad too. I'm the child of divorced parents who were incredibly angry at each other (20 years later, they still don't talk) and who tried to use me and my brother as ammunition in the post-divorce wars. It amazes me how the anger that couples can have during divorce clouds their vision of what they are doing to a child. I hope that this situation turns out ok-- not that everything magically heals, but that it's as good as it can be.