Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random scattering

My mind is wandering all over the place today. I keep hearing Yoda giving the lecture to Luke about not being know the one. That's where I am today. I've overly tired due to being sucked into CMT's 100 top love song show last night (yes, country is a guilty pleasure of mine...) and then waking up to Husband hacking, snorting, blowing, and moaning for a good couple of hours. It just makes it hard to focus. Maybe if I get it all out, then maybe I can get my head back where it needs to be.
  • I think my secretary is looking for another job, and seriously this time. I noticed that she has removed all of the personal items from her cube (pictures, etc.). Due to some organizational weirdness, she doesn't report to me, but she does all of my support. With my case load, it isn't an insubstantial task. The work load has increased considerably, and there have been issues. Her manager has become involved, and we all know where this ends up. Hiring a replacement, if it comes to that, will probably take a while. Our HR doesn't get that anyone that does patent work is a specialist, and that in our market, there is a pretty high demand for anyone with experience. They won't pay what they need to, so we always end up with underqualified, inexperienced people. Not their fault, and some have worked out. I just have too much to do to have to try to wait for a new admin to get up to speed. I have a bad feeling that the new year will not be fun.
  • I figured out what my problem was in giving myself my shot-bad lighting. I kid you not. I was thinking about how I did it before, and I remembered that I eventually stopped doing it in the bathroom because I just wasn't comfortable there. I went into our living room, got comfortable in my new chair, and things went without a hitch. Ha! First monitoring ultrasound and bloodwork is this Friday morning. Being, I don't know, stupid, I went into a due date calendar to see where I would end up if this were to work. The due date would be 10 days after Son's birthday. What am I thinking????
  • Christmas is looming, and once again, I don't think that I will have time to do any of the things that I want to. I actually like to shop, but lugging Son around in the stroller, combating busy parking lots and stores, doesn't sound like what I need right now. I've ordered pretty much everything online this year. I got this nifty decorating kit from Pampered Chef, and I really wanted to try it out, but it looks like any baking is going to end up on the back burner. One of the few kitchen related tasks that Husband doesn't like to do.
  • Husband has already launched into his "sick all winter" routine. First stop: sinus infection. He is going to have his first weekend off in seven weeks, and I think he will spend it in bed. This sucks. I know that he has been working hard (it helped when he figured out that he could take some days off during the week). However, I haven't had a day off to myself in what feels like forever. I was actually looking forward to us doing something together as a family. Looks like the only thing that will get shared is a box of Kleenex. Oh, and Son has a cold too. It gets depressing sometimes when they are both so high needs that no one ever can take care of me, or at a minimum, me take care of me. Like take a weekend nap. I struggle with how selfish that sounds, but I can't help but feel it. It goes back to this whole competition thing; his is always worse than mine, I lose.
  • I'm stuck here tonight for our bimonthly staff call that goes until six. I didn't used to mind too much when I could sit in my office with my headset on and multitask. Now that our VP is here, we all get to congregate in a conference room together. And I have to stop at the mall and pet store on my way home, which means that I'll get to see Son for a whole 30 minutes before he goes to bed tonight. I've been missing him a lot during the day lately.

In general, just not a good day. I need a nap.

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