Monday, January 09, 2012

Who knew?

I felt like such a grown up this weekend. It's probably strange to be saying that since, you know, I'm 40 and all, but the majority of the time I still don't feel like I have this adult thing figured out too well. I mean, I have all of the attributes, right? Married? Check. Kids? Check. Advanced Degree? Check. Job? Check.

There are just some things that I haven't been able to turn the corner on, and having had two smallish kids for at least the last six years, there's always been a reason not to get it together. Too tired to consistently get the dishes done. Too busy with the kids to actually have a house that I'd let someone in. Too much kid STUFF to even think about attacking the mound.

This weekend wasn't earth shattering in that I made a ton of progress, not really if I were honest about it. But, I did manage to get all the laundry in the washer and subsequently into the dryer (where the last load is currently resting). I clean off the dining room table down to the point where we can actually eat at it and not have to look over a mound of paper/bills/magazines/homework to see each other. I'm one load of dishes/handwash away from having nothing in the sink. Did a small grocery run to fill in the gaps for the rest of week with lunches. Got almost all of my FSA submissions gathered and submitted. Maybe this speaks to the horrible depths to which we have descended, but I view it more as a sign that I'm actually catching up and not completely under water. Yep, that's what I'm going to do.

Yes, I know that it's only Monday, but I'd rather bounce along today than mope about what hasn't happened. YAY me!!

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