Monday, January 14, 2008

Could this be a trend?

This Monday morning was much, much better. NO howling, whining, yelling, or carrying on.

I've discovered which of the three PBS stations that we get on cable has Thomas & Friends on in the morning, and Son was absolutely beside himself when I told him it was on after Curious George (even though it turned out that on the HD station the programming is different). Once it finally came on, all I heard was screaming and bouncing in his chair in the living room. It kept him occupied while I dressed and fed BabyA, and just made things go a bit smoother. Get this, I was even able to satisfy his toddler mind by telling him that I was recording it AND Bob the Builder, so he could watch it if he had a good day when we got home tonight. All sorts of smiles, and a cooperative exit out to the truck.

I even managed to program the DVR to record the whole series for both of them, so at least I'll have some available as a treat or reward for good potty behavior. Way cheaper than a DVD, and since we are more than a little thin in the money department, this is a very good thing.

He even used the potty successfully this morning. And slept through the night without even a wiggle, which wasn't the case the night before. He was also in bed by 7:00-that NEVER happens-so he was actually well rested. I even got a lunch made last night, and it made it to work with me!

Oh, and the last hooray moment? I was three pounds lighter that I was last week! Who cares if it was on two different scales and my scientific self is beating on my wall of denial to scream something about baselines. Regardless, if I keep my act together for the next three weeks, I may be able to go and use my gift cards for some new duds before my trip out to California in February. Hooray!

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Kristina said...

So I am a horrible blog friend, aren't I!!!

I've read your last two entries and thought... yeah... just like Lochlan... and meant to write you something and, well, I just never got the chance.

So now I have 10 minutes before I'm done work for the day so I'm writing now!!!

So yeah... Lochlan does the same things when coming and going from, well, anywhere. It's been quite the battle to get him to leave when I want to without a major meltdown. What's finally making a difference is me sticking to my guns, no endless persuasions and... a CD. The children's singer who comes to daycare 3-4 times a month has a CD. So I bought it and now I can almost always get him to come by promising he can listen to Rick!! And if he misbehaves...

Let's just say I'm getting better at wrangling him into a carseat when he's in the middle of a tantrum.

Oh - and one other thing... it's hard, but try to get ready about 15 min early. Then give him time to put his coat and shoes on by himself, give him time to climb in the carseat by himself. I started that with Lochlan and it's been working well, he leaps at the chance to show my what he can do "by myself" and I spend 10-15 min waiting for him rather than 20+ fighting with him.

It's tough to balance their need for independence and our need to get going on time!!!

(((HUGS))) The twos are both wonderful and frustrating. It's a good thing we've got a place to vent our frustrations when it all gets to be a little much.

How's BabyA doing? TTYL