Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back at work

Yesterday wasn't too bad-crammed full, but not too bad. Let's see, up at 3:30 AM with BabyA, put back to bed, sleep for 45 more minutes, get read, get kids ready, two kids out the door, fed, clothed (it even all matched!), dog in the back of the truck.

Stop at vet, drop off Yellow Dog of the Double Ear Infection and A Massive Allergic Reaction to Target Rawhide for a recheck. Drop off kids (good God, I really do have two of these creatures-who knew?), get to work, boot up laptop, blue screen of death.

Call IT, bad hard drive, new hard drive, delete 800 emails-no, I'm not kidding-pick up Son's pictures, pick up kids from daycare, pick up Yellow Dog from vet, go home, feed BabyA, feed myself (sort of), watch 15 minutes of Nemo, put Son into pj's and bed, feed BabyA and put to bed, wash bottles, make two lunches (which of course Husband promptly forgot this morning), make up bottles for tomorrow, wash face, collapse into bed.

Today back up at 5 AM when Husband got up, BabyA started to fuss around 5:15, and we were back off to the races. I should probably be tired by now, but I'm not. However, the mandatory Diet Pepsi this morning may have helped. I still need to go get gas and clean off the truck once before I leave. It's been snowing again since around 7:30 this morning, and when I leave, I just want to get home. I have a feeling the roads aren't going to be a whole lot of fun.

So, that has been about my last 36 hours. How are you?

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