Friday, June 01, 2007

My entry into the "my kid is the cutest thing in the universe"

Son really is a good kid. He, like any other toddler, can be what can only be described as a challenge sometimes. But then again, so can Husband, and he's 38. But I digress.

Last night he was just so sweet, and I need to get it down. Feel free to look away.

Husband was out in the garage cursing at our riding lawnmower, and it was getting to be time for bed for little man. I needed to get out of that garage for fear of beating Husband with the instruction manual for the mower, since he was refusing to read it. Son was horribly grubby, and really needed to be cleaned up. I managed to get him into the house, and stripped down to get ready for his much-needed bath. He plays so hard, he usually ends up with sand in his diaper (talk about uncomfortable). Needless to say, the bath was definitely in order.

Being scatterbrained, I managed to have a naked child with no bathwater. Hunh? Don't know why I forgot to run the stupid bath. Son was kind enough not to water the bath mat like he has in the past, and actually thought that it was pretty darn cool to be sitting in his tub while the water ran. We played, he got me soaked (as usual), and once out of the tub, he insisted on wrapping himself up in his towel all by himself. Wouldn't let me do it. He looked at me with such a look of victory when he got it right. Such a big boy, but still using the hooded hippo towel. OK, a cute big boy.

I brought him back to his room, got him dressed and combed and all of the other fun stuff. I've mentioned before that we have this routine that when we are all done, he stands up on the changing pad, stretches out his arms, and falls into me to get down. Last night he added a twist. Before he fell, he very seriously put those pudgy little hands on either side of my face, and pulled me towards him. I'm fearing for a nibble to my nose, but I thought that I would see where this was going. He gave me a kiss, with a little kiss sound, on the tip of my nose! Nothing sloppy or wet, but just a cute pucker and peck. He was so proud of himself, and was all grins.

Now that he was satisfied that we were done, we went through the routine. I was walking him over to his crib, and he grabbed his beanie bear, BoBo, from the ledge of the crib. He pushed the bear towards me, which I assumed meant that I was supposed to kiss the bear. Nope, not in Son's plans. He had the bear kiss me, with the same little kiss sound, and then he got me again. Son then snuggled into my shoulder before I put him down (which is getting harder and harder these days). I covered him up, and he said "night night" as I shut off the light and closed the door.

Son is affectionate, but never usually like that. He doesn't do that kiss thing with anyone else but me, which I have to admit that I really love. It's our little thing. I need to remember this type of stuff when he's dumping his entire plate on his head and on the floor. You know, with the meal that has a lot of tomato sauce.

I think I'll still keep him.

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pithydithy said...

Awwwwwwwww...I can't wait to get kisses of my own. That is just too cute.