Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What a difference a couple of hours makes

My usual disdain for anitbiotics (mainly the size of the pills and what they end up doing to my digestive tract) has been obliterated. After just two days of the Z-pack, I feel a ton better. Almost makes me think that I haven't had allergies after all, just recurrent sinus infections. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, while the insomnia is still rearing it's head, I did manage to piece together two stints of over two hours last night. The amount of improvement that I feel today is tantamount to that first time that a newborn goes for more three hours at a pop at night. Still a little bleary, but more seems right with the world. Even though we had snow last night. Yes, in April. I do live in Minnesota after all. Winter doesn't give up entirely until at least the end of May. It ended up to just be a dusting, which is less than the 2 inches that were predicted. However, my parents, who live about 200 miles north of us, had 8 inches on the ground at 4PM yesterday. Dad jinxed it I'm sure, since he's been fiddling with the boats for the past couple of weeks.

Regardless, I'm hoping that tonight will even be better. Let's see if I can put together three or more hours. Sure would be nice.

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