Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My girl-the genius

...'cause I'm not biased or anything. However, I continue to be astounded at how fast BabyA's vocabulary is expanding. She's pretty much voted to screw the signing, I'll just learn the word! Some of them tend to sound the same, but there's just enough differentiation to be able to try to get what she is screeching at you. But she's still pretty darn cute. Not that anyone asked (or cares, but hey, this is MY sandbox after all) here's what she can say at one year, one month:

  • uh-oh
  • all done
  • more
  • kitty (both the two that patrol the house and her stuffed amur leopard from the zoo)
  • doggie
  • ducky (her favorite stuffed one)
  • b-byl (for the cat, Cybl)
  • juice
  • shoes (her favorites)
  • apple
  • purple
  • night night
  • bye bye
  • Amber (otherwise known around here as yellow dog)
  • mama
  • dada
  • out
  • up

We're at that point where we identify everything, but it's not that much of a chore, since she'll make an honest effort to try to say it. I wish that she would try the signing, but she's just not that into it. The new head teacher of her room isn't that into it either; the previous one really was (she was the one that taught Son when he was this age). The prime example was that I was feeding BabyA some applesauce during lunch one day. I had the audacity to try to eat my own lunch at the same time (we're working on patience here people). She kept reaching and grunting at the applesauce on the table. I signed and said "more?" She pointed, face all scrunched up, and said "apple." Got it. Pretty clear communication there.

She's still the most amazing little bug-I can't imagine not having her here.

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