Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And the hits keep on coming

After receiving an email tonight, by the end of April we will have lost 30% of our attorney staff since December. So, let's see, how many people do I have to be now, on top of just handling my job?
  1. I picked up my former manager's prosecution load upon his resignation
  2. I'm covering for the contracts attorney who is out on maternity leave, and has accepted another position within the company, with only a 50/50 shot of her being replaced
  3. We are losing our patent agent in the Far East at the end of April, so I'll pick up all of her agreement work and support for all of Asia, where we have one R&D facility, and multiple manufacturing groups in several different countries.

Oh, and let's see, in the past three years, I've had another manager quit, so I picked up half of his job, and then my partner in crime quite two year ago, which resulted in me picking up the other half of the manager's job. None of these people have been replaced. I don't know if I should cry, get pissed, or give up. I can't wait until I hear what the plan is now.

For some reason, the whole hiding under the covers thing is sounding more and more appealing....

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Kristina said...

Oh, yuck!!

So in the past few months your workload has gone from just yours to yours plus that of FIVE extra people?!?!!! With no plans to replace any of them? That is insane.

So... something needs to give right? It seems unlikely that you'd be able to handle the workload of FIVE people, manage your responsibilities at home indefinitely.

Do your managers have a plan to replace ANY of these people?

You've tried talking to your bosses, right? About the impact this is having? Also keep in mind that anyone looking at a job in that company is going to see a 30% turnover as a HUGE red flag and it's going to be really hard to get replacements.

I think it's decision time - if they aren't making any moves to replace these people then you have to decide if you can handle the workload that you will have, likely without any sort of promotion. Or decide that it's time to move on and start looking for something that is a little more balanced.

We tend to think we're stuck when we're in a job and it starts to go sour. We start to think that we HAVE to put up with that shit because what choice do we have?

YOU are a brilliant, smart, attorney. YOU would be valuable to ANY company and I would bet that find another job would be a piece of cake. So don't let the "well... I wouldn't find another job that lets me do xyz" thoughts convince you that there is nothing else out there.

There is another job out there, one that is probably better than this one. So don't let fear of change keep you in a place where you're miserable. We spend far too much time at work for it to be a place that we hate.

Good luck!!