Thursday, August 09, 2007

And the beat goes on

To follow up on Son's expanding musical tastes, I told Husband about the whole "Pinball Wizard" incident, and he told me that the last time he picked Son up from daycare, he did the same thing to Metallica and, oh God, Pithy I have to admit this, Megadeath. I've been known to tune into the true hard rock station in town too, so its not ALL Husband's fault. But still, interesting kid.

Oh, two more tidbits and I'll drop this topic. Yesterday, it was "Heart of Glass." It was on as we parked at daycare, so I stayed in the car with him until it was done. I got him out, and as we were walking in, he looked up at me and said "I yiked it." Could only be referring to the song. He also just hits the music button on his sit and spin (sounds like 80s video game music) and dances around. What would he do if I hooked up the old Atari and played Pacman?

I can't complain about him getting into music-honestly, I'm thrilled. On the one hand, I've read the research on how music appreciation and involvement tends to flow over into other areas of academics and development. I would tend to agree with it based on my experiences as a kid. Most of the kids that were involved in music at some level, to any degree of seriousness (which means more than taking choir because study hall wasn't available) did pretty well academically. While Husband doesn't really get and/or appreciate that about me, I've always been into music. I used to be able to play piano, trombone, and an baritone passably. (While I can still handle all three now, the chops just aren't there any more. The last time I hauled out my trombone, the dogs howled-everyone is a critic, sheesh- and my upper lip swelled up so badly I looked like a botched Botox patient.) Did show choir in high school. I was in band in college for chrissakes.

So, I like to think that he gets some of this from me. I might have to push up trying to find a place for my piano a little earlier than planned. It's currently languishing in my parents lower level, untuned and unplayed since I left home. My brother never played, and my mom is too intimidated to take lessons, even though she wants to. While we are seriously space challenged right now, I would still love to have it with me. Mom and dad don't have an issue with me taking it-at least it would get used. However, they insist that I have a decent spot for it, and right now, I really don't. Just one more tally on my list of needing to upgrade our housing!


Kristina said...

You know... if I could find a place for my piano in or 900sqft condo, I'm sure you can find a place for it in your house :). It just takes a bit of maneuvering to get the furniture in the right place. But I know you can do it!!

However- you've also got enough on your mind. It can wait until after BabyA makes her grand appearance :). TTYL-Kristina

pithydithy said...

I'm just catching up and laughing that he DID like Megadeth. That kid's got some funny taste, but I like it!

As for music, we either lived in too remote an area or didn't have enough money to afford any sort of lessons or instrument for me as a child and I always wished that I had one. When I was 17 my friend gave me her old piano (pretty nice gift, huh?) and I started taking lessons. I loved it! I hope that we can give Finn some sort of opportunity too. I felt like it was a form of meditation for me where I turned everyhing else off and just focused on what I was doing musically. And, while I was never very good at it, I always enjoyed it! (Who knows if it made me a better student. But was starting very late in the game.)